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Detox Bath

- Following EESystem Sessions -

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, the inventor of the Energy Enhancement System, recommends to do a detox bath following every EESystem Session with the following recipe:

2 c. Sea salt or Himalayan only

2 c. Baking Soda

1 c. Borax

2 Tbsp EESalts

Put all ingredients in a gallon-sized zip-lock bag or similar.  Pour all 5 cups into warm/hot tub water.  As hot as one can handle without it being uncomfortable.  Soak in bath for 30-45 minutes.  We also like to add bentonite clay and/or essential oils like lavender.   

Relax and enjoy!

To ensure minimal detox symptoms, like a headache or tiredness, make sure to be drinking plenty of water before, during and after sessions.

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