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The EE System (Energy Enhancement System) is a technology that creates an enhanced energy field. The EESystem generates multiple fields of energy including Scalar waves. Scalar waves have always existed and have been acknowledged in astrophysics, hydrodynamics and geology. Scalar waves are unbounded and easily pass through solid matter. When a human enters a scalar wave field, the electromagnetic field of the body becomes excited. This encounter encourages the mind and body to return to a more optimal state.

Dr. Bessheen Baker from the Embassy of Life Mastery in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan best explains the essence of the Energy Enhancement System. Visit her at

Tony Robbins Interview

In this powerful interview, Tony Robbins shares he has this powerful technology in his home, and speaks about his experiences with EESystem to help spread awareness of what it can do for others around the world.

Miracle Stories here in Fredericksburg, VA

Fernanda, one of the co-founders, shares testimonials people experienced & shared with her.

Timothy J. Hayes, PSY.D.

"How to Use Scalar Energy to Reverse Radiation Issues"

Maureen J.

"My visits to Aloha have been AMAZING!  I find that I easily achieve a deep meditative state, and often fall asleep.  My heart rate is 58 in there.  I feel very calm in the room, and think I can feel subtle changes in my health.
Thank you Aloha!"

John H.

"I feel much more energy, pain is lessened, eyesight improved plus other intangible results!"

Thalia S.

"I was enveloped in a serene calming atmosphere that is easy to sleep or meditate.  When I leave, I  feel relaxed, rejuvenated and with TONS of energy!" 
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